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Austin's Best Trivia Nights 

TriviATX quizzes are more than just a test of knowledge; they’re a delightful blend of camaraderie, competition, and witticism. 

By Austin, for Austin
No corporate masters here, TriviATX is written by Austinites, often covering topics that are current and relevant to us. Also, between questions we exclusively play music by local Austin artists. 

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Corporate events, wedding receptions, birthdays - whatever! Custom-tailored quizzes will make your party memorable for years to come. 

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Fun and Engaging: There are only so many times you can play giant jenga. Quizzes challenge your memory, reasoning, and quick thinking, all while you sip your favorite drink. Plus competing against others for prizes is undeniably entertaining. 

Social Bonding: Gather your friends, family, colleagues or strangers around a table, and suddenly you’re part of a team. TriviATX encourages collaboration, laughter, and friendly banter. Connect with others, celebrate collective victories or laugh off the occasional bone-headed answer.

Great Dates: Looking for an exciting and unconventional date night? Pub quizzes are a fantastic way to break the ice, learn things about one another, and create lasting memories. Plus, the friendly rivalry adds a touch of excitement to your evening. 

Diverse Topics: History, science, pop-culture, current events - TriviATX quizzes cover a wide range of topics so everyone has a chance to shine.  You might surprise yourself with that obscure fact you remember from years ago or discover a new interest.